domingo, 29 de novembro de 2009

Blue day

5:45 29th November the Christmas skies are here to warm the nights. Looks like a storm abrewing, but its only the night blowing in across the Jacaranda & Cypress trees with the Sun setting in behind,whilst out the front there is a True Blue Moon, having a quick chat with the Chimney on its journey past. Its that "SORT OF CHEESE", slowly smoked nearly Full Blue Moon a trip unable to forget, DELICIOUS with Red Onion & fresh baked bread

sábado, 7 de novembro de 2009

Busy day on Gale beach, followed by a wash of the feet before lunch & that wonderful dessert, Crepe Sylvestre. Then a Strawberry WHAT!!!!!!!!!
A quick bit of Lolly making in the shade & Chinese whispers or PROMISES?????
Followed by KING PRAWNS????? or Lobster??????? celebrated with the FIRST PINT OF THE DAY LOOKK!
Just a few LOVE LETTERS in the Sand xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Then like all good Books The End, We´´ve had lunch, what we having for Dinner then???

Alabamas Gift

The Hibiscus, a present from Alabama, flowering in the early morning sun

quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2009

November Blooms, the colours of November as I´m sitting in the Sun

The first winter Cala Lilys ,the Trumpet so Beautiful & as white as snow
´As winter breaks the colours still glow & the lawns I must still mow.
The Blue & Purple Solanum flowers poking cheekily through the leaves
& the warming Black Eyed Susan flowers, lay back & tease
encompassed by the Yukka & Cacti so unassumed
Guarded by the Fan Palm & Purple Ice
Audienced by the Fiscus, Plumbago & Daisies trice
The beauty of the Hibiscus, a new flower every day
& then the indoor garden, true only a reflection of what you may
All followed by the turning of the night, in Red a sheer delight!
Or is it the the warming morning that follows the Darkest night?