sábado, 12 de janeiro de 2008


Picked the 1st ROMA Tomato WINTER CROP 12th January 2008, there are another 72 awaiting to redden plus loads more to fruit. It was very tasty, picked & eaten within minutes.

sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2008

Busy Gnomes

Varnish the inside of the Christmas Lights Box so it can go away for next year, all neat & tidy now. Off to visit Gabi needs some new Gnome hair brushes picked up her Pole for her hair drier, viewed photos of bebe Martins, went into Destination Football wished Ryan a Gnome good year then off to Conforama to buy 2 small matching rugs for patio doors, end up with new computer chair & bundle of candles also. Then into Vodafone to top up the Gnome Mobiles. Wind the way home for lunch jus unloaded Gnomemobile when Mick, David & Maria all arrive at the same time, Mick wants a very long screwdriver to get behind his wallmounted tele, give him a magnet to magentise the screw, off he goes, David says doors next week & did he give price for no 7 including paint??, Maria came for Keys to no 4, to see leaking bathroom window. Yipes!!!! phone call from Celia coming over Monday about car Matricalation & jus a little call from Amandio Casa no 2, did i have the phone no for Julious the log man!!! he knows Paula his wife has it, but could i give it to him, called him back with it, he would like it if i can get the wheelbarrow for him to take the logs to the back of his Casa. Found a really long screwdriver for Mick took it to him he was back within 15 minutes easypeasy Irene got the screw in 1st time, thanks very much. Then a magic phone call from the little Gnomes & their Mum what a Gnomeous SURPRISE. Weather today Blue Skies Showers then back to Blue Skies & Sunny 18º Granma Gnome still knitting, Gnome Noite to all

terça-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2008

Gnomes Noite out

The Gnomes all went to Oceanous for Last Supper tunoite, Gnomous noite had by all, the little Gnomes speaking in Portuguese at every chance. Last walk on the beach, before home to Old Gnomeland tomorrow, gnome flights on easyjet. Giant Gnome tears expected, flood warnings released at Faro Aiport, slippery queues at check in expected, pre-ordered tissues available, donations please to Gnomeless Gnomes.

domingo, 6 de janeiro de 2008

Gabriellas Cabeleireiros

One of the little Gnomes having their hair done, you can go to Gabriellas on the Strip Albufeira, Av.Francisco Sá Carneiro, Areias de Sáo Joáo-8200 3 doors along from OUR@NET

quinta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2008

The Pool

Pumps returned & refitted all systems gnome, waters flowing, lights alighting, Splish Splash the little Gnomes can Bathe in the icy colds waters once more. Jump in the deep end straight away, do the Gnome stroke & float away, shiver & shriek, jump up & down, jus make sure that you don´t drown!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gnome cut day

3 of the Gnomes off to Gabriellers Hairdressers 2 morrow for Party Hair cuts,wash & blow drys,the rest of the Gnomes off down Cardiac Hill to the Beach, back for lunch to Bahrons, Galleo & pasterialas & maybe a cold Beer, maybe see Victor without his cap???? The Sky man coming to try to put Gnome Sky on to no 14´s Jimmy Gnome. Fixing a Gnome free view 30+ Channels. Gnome signals are good & strong, Sky producing 97% Gnomeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep watching for details & photos of Gabriellers Hairdressers Saloon

Gnome Nite have a Gnome nite sleep

quarta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2008

Gnome Tumbles Home in a smashing way

Went shopping with Granma Gnome, a whole aisle of BARGAINS everthing all @ 1 EURO Oops picked up a pack of 3 tumblers, oh dear the end 1 fell out smashed on the floor, oh look at the end packet damaged, opps should´nt have turned the packet up the other ends broken, tumbler drops to the floor SMASH!!! suppose not bad average 2 out of 3, Granma shoots of to tell the Staff before someone gets cut on all the broken glass. English couple think shes done a runner making it look as if they were to blame. OK time to pick up my 2 packets of tumblers, (CAREFULLY) load into trolley & sneak away. COULD HAVE BEEN THE FIRST GNOME BANNED FROM Continente on the 2nd day of the new year.

Rain Pool

4 days of rain the pool area got flooded 12 inches of water floods the Pool Pump Motors DISASTER ALL ELECTRICS DOWN, pumps & cleaning systems not working. 2 came today to remove & take away the Motors for refurbishment, Cleaned out the drainage pipes, hopefully it won´t occur again. Let the Gnome hit the POOL!!!!!!!!!!!!