sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2007


Another satisfied customer returned to see Manwella to thank her for her help in selecting their new car, asked if i would look after her Chocolates for her until she returned. On the roof at the time helping fix the Saterlite Dish, OK no problem leave them on the wheel of the Jeep. Manwella returned told her about the Chocolates, she thanked ME for them, so then explained who had left them for her Franchaesa, she then asked me if i would like them, who ever saw a Gnome with Chocolates, any way maybe the Gollies would come to take them !!!!!!!!!!!!

Update on Victors casa

Daughter arrives today with his 2 Grandchildren, tomorrow TV Cabo turning on, celebrating New Year in doors, one of the Grandchildren only 8 months. Plenty to eat & drink!!

quinta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2007

Update from the garden

A day full of toadstool excitement!

Nearly lost my glasses, twice they fell down the hole but no fear they have been recovered.

A couple from Scarborough appeared today over the garden hedge, they had a look at no 10 so new neighbours could be here soon.

Anyway, time to fish for dinner, cheerio.

hello from gnome-ville

Welcome to my new blog from Casa Gnome where you can be updated on the comings and goings