quarta-feira, 2 de abril de 2008

Flat tyre

Gnome disaster today ,went to go down into Gnometown for the fresh rolls for lunch, flat front tyre on the cycle. Off in the Gnomemobile instead, back for lunch, then wheel out, tyre off, bit of a struggle, oops bent one of Grandma Gnomes dinner forks, no sign of puncture thro tyre or in tube. Blow up the tube & into pool, working around tube not a single bubble, wait a mo, theres 1, 2, 3, ah they are coming from the valve area, yeh sure enough right on the join of the metal valve cap to the rubber of the tube, problem solved, off to Gnomecycles for a new tube. 4 €´s not bad & its a Michelin. Give the tyre a good clean, do i use soap to make it easy to get on? Well me oh my, tube on, half inflate it, easy peasy, slips on like a glove, MUST HAVE CLEANED IT WELL. Inflate fully, valve cap on, quick ride up & down the road PURFECT, good end to the Gnomes day HOORAY!!!!!!!